Circumscribe the infinite

- Valentina Martinoli, - -february 17 2017

The art of Karinè Sutyagina wishes for infinity, and becomes an apparent circumscribed representation of it.
Since the ancient times, the eye has always been expression of a higher divinity, who stares and protect us. The ALL is illusorily enclosed in the circular shape, but instead it becomes larger and larger, including all of us, because it is reflection of a spark which is already hidden in our soul.
Timeless waves, glares of the experience accumulated during the eras become knowledge, wisdom that we can own through the catch of individual and collective memory.
A lot of verbs are linked to the visual perception: to look at, to see, to stare. But the hypnotic spheres of Karine are willing to lead us to SEE: inside and outside of ourselves, letting us in a cosmo where we can find ourselves again.
We are tiny fragments that become, in an ordered and unpredictable way, part of Reality, divine and human.
Categories lost their borders in the universe, the only way to mantain the route is trust our sight, which is shared with the one of an higher being which has our same name.

Divine energy looks at us, and we find ourselves in its reflection. Karinè Sutyagina’s spheres are a circular prayer, which starts from mankind towards the sky, and then come back to us, because we are cause and origin of its essence. 

The Inclined Paradise

- Luca Tomio - an Achille Bonito Oliva’s  "Ex Dogana" 28 aprile- 15 maggio 2016

As Kounellis came from his Greece, so Karine Sutyagina has come to Rome through Moscow and Paris and taking the first steps from the distant steppes of Asia, through that Silk Road that has as a crossroads Samarkand.

The real strength of Rome has always been to strengthen itself by dispersing and welcoming the most disparate forces ...

Even before seeing the works of Karine I was struck by a sentence: "Art is like life, a predestined path determined by your free choices ", a contradiction in terms that perhaps conceals the secret of his works: large mirrored pupils that look at us like distant constellations, like the constellation of the Dragon that was once the pivot of the sky and knowledge, taking into account that it is not

The reason why the supreme teaching of the Vedas is to understand that immortality is not represented, but it is precisely your image that is reflected in the pupil of the one watching you while you look at it ...